Episode 129: Growing Big Veg with Gerald Stratford

This week I’m speaking to social media sensation and veg grower Gerald Stratford about growing big veg – do they taste better, how do you avoid pests and diseases, what growing media is best and what you can do with your big veg once you’ve grown it? Gerald’s new book Big Veg has recently been published and his star continues to ascend. Gerald spoke to me from his shed, with his wonderful wife Liz and cat Jet in attendance. He starts with the tale of his social media overnight success. 

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What we cover

How Gerald got started on social media

Why would you want to grow big veg and is big always best for taste?

What type of soil you need to grow big veg

Avoiding blight on tomatoes and potatoes

And rust on onions

Using the trench system for runner beans

What Gerald is doing on his plot right now 

About Gerald Stratford

Gerald’s book of tips and tricks, BIG VEG, is accessible for beginners and those interested in grow-your-own veg. This gentle guide distils years of knowledge, including the top 10 vegetables to begin with, how to ‘supersize’ them and a month-by-month breakdown to sowing, planting and harvesting.

Aged 72, Gerald rose to fame later in life, gaining over 308k followers after sharing pictures of his potatoes at the height of lockdown in May 2020. He has been hailed the ‘Veg King’ by the press and is passionate about sharing the benefits of mindful gardening at any age and cultivating your own food. After becoming a social media sensation, he continues to go viral with his wholesome allotment content.

Illustrated with photos throughout, Big Veg is encouraging, full of wisdom and dry humour, much like lovely Gerald himself. In the spirit of bringing joy, please enjoy Gerald as the star of GUCCI’s latest campaign!


Gerald Stratford on Twitter

‘Big Veg’ by Gerald Stratford

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