Episode 116: Therapy Gardening with Carol Sales

In this episode I’m speaking to horticultural therapist Carol Sales. Carol headed up a therapy garden in a prison, before moving over to lead the Therapy Garden at Headley Court, a rehabilitation centre for injured military veterans. Carol is featured in many books, including Head Gardeners by Ambra Edwards and Sue Stuart-Smith’s The Well Gardened Mind and she was awarded the British Empire Medal in 2019.

Dr Ian Bedford’s Bug of the Week: Vapourer Moths

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About Carol Sales

Carol is a gardener and designer who started working in horticultural therapy for the prison service. She was recruited by High Ground who worked out of Headley Court, a military hospital providing horticultural therapy to military veterans. Carol ran the therapy garden there for almost a decade, during which time she pioneered treatment methods and set the gold standard for therapeutic horticulture as it pertains to those with both physical and mental health issues.




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