Episode 110: Greg Peterson of The Urban Farm

(Today’s intro comes to you from by back garden, courtesy of the local birds!)

In this episode I’m joined by Greg Peterson, who started The Urban Farm nearly 30 years ago. His third of an acre site is covered in edible crops which feed his family and other families too. Gardening as he does in Phoenix, Arizona he has to make full use of rainwater harvesting systems, soil improvement techniques, plus he’s heavy into recycling and reuse. We talk about how he’s created a fully functioning and successful farm in an urban neighbourhood.

Dr Ian Bedford’s Bug of the Week: Leaf rollers

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What we talk about:

Why Greg began The Urban Farm

Gardening in a desert and managing water

Greg’s natural soil and how he fertilises it

The importance of growing local

Seed saving

Neighbourhood rules and regulations

One easy win that people could achieve if they’re thinking of establishing their own urban farm

About Greg Peterson

Greg has lived at the Urban Farm for almost 30 years.  His 1/3-acre yard features an entirely edible landscape, including over 70 fruit trees, rainwater and grey-water harvesting, solar applications, and extensive use of reclaimed and recycled building materials.
Greg is a longtime permaculture advocate, flunked out of university in 1981 because he was bored, then went back twenty years later to get a bachelor’s degree and a Masters in Urban and Environmental Planning in 2006 and is a lifelong continual learner.

On his days off he hangs out in his garden with his sweetheart Heidi and their chickens, creating new projects and catching some rays.



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