Episode 104: Stephen Hackett of Horatio’s Garden

This week’s guest is Stephen Hackett, head gardener at Horatio’s Garden South West. We talk about this amazing garden which was designed by Cleve West and is managed by Stephen, with the help of and for the benefit of the staff and patients at the adjacent spinal injuries unit.

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What we talk about:

About the charity Horatio’s Garden and the South West

How the gardens help people with spinal injuries

Managing a garden from a therapy as well as a horticultural perspective

The features of the garden which make it useful to patients and staff

The most rewarding part of the job

Visiting the Horatio’s Garden sites

About Stephen Hackett

Stephen Hackett grew up in Lancashire, before studying at Oxford and Nottingham.
He spent several years teaching Cultural Studies in Southampton before joining the Arts Council in 2000.
Subsequently he worked in in adult education, and was Principal of a residential adult college in Oxfordshire.

Always a keen gardener, Stephen trained in Horticulture at Sparsholt College in 2010 and established a gardening business in the Salisbury area.
Stephen joined Horatio’s Garden South West in 2016 as Head Gardener. He lives in Salisbury with his family, and has written gardening columns for magazines including Wiltshire Life and The English Garden.



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