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Episode 188: Composting & Bokashi

This week’s guest is Martyn Richards who is the Home & Garden Manager for Agriton UK, part of a large European group of companies who manufacture products to help commercial and domestic users deal with the ‘soil, crop, animal waste cycle’. Martyn contacted me to see if I would be interested in speaking to him about their bokashi composting system and I thought, yes, I would, because I didn’t really understand the process. So my first question to Martyn was, just what is bokashi? Listen now and all will be revealed…

Dr Ian Bedford’s Bug of the Week: Cabbage Whitefly

What We Talk About

What is bokashi compost? 

How bokashi systems are different to traditional composting methods

What can you compost? Is there anything you can’t?

Do you need to add anything for the process to work?

What are Bokashi organisms? Where do they originate from?

Is it expensive to set up?

Does it work at any scale?

Does what you put in affect what comes out in terms of nutrient value?

What is Bokashi bran?


Agriton’s Bokashi Brochure

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