Episode 157: Climate Cuisine with Clarissa Wei

Hello and welcome to this episode of the podcast where I’m speaking to journalist and host of the Climate Cuisine podcast, Clarissa Wei.

On her podcast, Clarissa shares the stories of the crops grown sustainably around the world. The goal is to highlight climate-centric conversations about crops and the food we eat as they become increasingly important to the resiliency and survival of our food systems.

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What we cover

Clarissa’s background and the idea behind her Climate Cuisine podcast

What’s wrong with the way we currently farm and consume our food?

How individuals can join the growing revolution

The importance of growing food that is specific to your climate region

How this can change the way we grow and use food

How regional food independence helps local communities

Government support (or not!)

The future of the Climate Cuisine podcast

About Clarissa Wei

Clarissa Wei is an American Taiwanese freelance journalist and video producer based in Taipei. Bylines include the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, National Geographic, VICE, among others. She is currently working on her first cookbook, Made In Taiwan (Simon Element).


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