Can Women Save the Planet?

This week I’m speaking to Dr Anne Karpf. Anne is Professor of Life Writing and Culture at London Metropolitan University and is a writer, sociologist and award-winning journalist. In 2021 she released the book ‘How Women Can Save the Planet’, where she looks at how there is gender inequality across the board from how we experience the climate crisis to our ability to effect change.

Dr Ian Bedford’s Bug of the Week: Queen Bumblebees

What We Talk About

Why do we need to distinguish between men and women when it comes to environmentalism? 

Isn’t it fair to say some women are interested in improving and caring for their environment and some aren’t, and this is the case too with men?

The feminisation of responsibility as it relates to climate change

Why women are more affected by climate change than men

Women and the control of the means of polluting production

Why women lack the opportunity to generate a larger climate footprint

Women who are making a difference


How Women Can Save the Planet by Anne Karpf – C Hurst & Co Publishers Ltd, May 2021

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