Buddlejas and Lavenders

This week, my guest is Andrew Bullock, who runs The Lavender Garden Nursery. Andrew holds the National Collection of Buddlejas and grows a huge range of lavenders and buddlejas from his nursery in The Cotswolds. We talk about how to attract pollinators to your garden, when and how to prune your buddlejas and lavenders, whether buddlejas are invasive, why lavenders are sometimes short-lived and anything else you ever wanted to know about these two plants for pollinators.

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What We Talk About 

Which is better for bees – buddleja or lavender?

The best varieties for bees/butterflies/pollinators in general

Night time pollinators

How to grow lavender and buddleja

When to prune and how much to take off

Buddleja – invasive?

Causes of short-lived lavender


The Lavender Garden 

Contact Andrew on the phone: 01453 860356 or 07837 582943


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