About us

How it all began

Roots and All started when Sarah had the niggling feeling that things could be done better to introduce people to horticulture and to help make sure they were successful in their attempts at growing. Her interest in animal welfare has been lifelong and Roots and All is where profession and passion meet. Helping people grow successfully in a low-impact vegan way is a natural fit for anyone who cares about both animals and the environment.

Sarah realized that growing and cultivating things was still a bit of a mystery to some. She decided that it was important to demystify everything, from the basics like digging the soil and sowing seeds to creating an entirely new outdoor space from scratch. Her attitude is practical and there's no room in the Roots and All garden for superfluous gadgets, 'miracle' products or anything else she discovers to be a waste of time, money or resources.

After launching a small gardening themed shop in Hastings Old Town, East Sussex with her partner, it quickly became apparent that people were mad about plants and growing things indoors and out. The problem seemed to be that growing things well took no small amount of time and expertise. After speaking with customers in the shop, it became obvious that an online resource would be invaluable to people everywhere. Creating a home online for trusted and free advice, was the natural next step for the business.

The information on the site is useful for all gardeners, whether or not they choose to follow the low-impact vegan principles. We don't judge people based on their methods of gardening, everybody has their own way of doing things and that's ok! The information may be useful if you are interested in looking at ways to reduce the impact of your growing endeavours on the environment and animals, but if there's anything you'd like us to cover on the site in the future we always welcome feedback and suggestions.

Roots and All is a constantly expanding repository for information and is aimed at everybody who’s interested in plants and greening up their environment. So please have a dig around the site, you’re sure to find something to help you get growing…

It's important to demystify everything, from the basics like digging the soil and sowing seeds, to creating an entirely new outdoor space from scratch.

As a consequence of my desire for independence, Roots and All is self-funded. I can only continue to provide impartial advice if you are happy to support me, so please consider visiting my GoFundMe page and making a donation, however large or small, to support my work.