Welcome to the budcasts page. These shorter, mini episodes are designed to give you short, concise answers to current questions and issues in the gardening world. We hope you find them of use!

Decoding plant categories so you can tell how long your plant will live. This episode sees the introduction of a new segment, 'Getting to the Roots of...' and this week we're going back to basics to find out the differences between annuals, biennials, perennials etc. so you know how long to expect your plant to live.

Sarah shares tips from 3 experts about what you can be doing in the garden this week If you want to find out the best early flowering narcissus, which raspberries varieties taste the sweetest and how to look after your terracotta pots, then listen in...

This week is all about plant pests and diseases, maintenance and planting. Sarah reads an excerpt from fellow Hastings plant-lover Marianne North's diary to mark Marianne's 188th birthday.

Sarah fields listener questions about herbaceous border maintenance in October and when to prune pieris. She reports back on her visit to the Great Dixter Plant Fair and there's a little bit of housekeeping too.

Sarah talks about jobs she should have done two weeks ago (same old same old) and about how National Collections work and why you may be able to have one if you so desire it.

The first ever Vegan Garden Festival was held at Hortus Loci Plant Centre in Hampshire on Sept 15th 2018. Sarah reviews the event and her discovery that she may be more than just a vegan who gardens.

If you want to know the answers to why your carnivorous plant may look dead but isn't and why none of them can eat greenfly, listen in...

Sarah is surprised to find that August is not the most popular month with gardeners and explores some ways in which the month can be made a little more bearable. She also talks about thrips on houseplants.

Beth Otway AKA Pumpkin Beth has turned terrarium gardening into a perfectly balanced combination of science and art. Sarah reads excerpts from her interview with Beth and also talks about when to order your tulips and offers some suggestions for ones to look out for.

If you're flagging in the hot weather, chances are your plants are too. Listen in to find out if you should be watering your outdoor plants in a drought and if so, how often. Also, Sarah shares a nifty trick to keep your indoor plants happy if you're going away on holiday. Share your watering successes and woes.

Sarah starts by pondering how come the roses seem to be having 2 distinct flushes this year and gets no nearer to an answer. She also discusses when to trim your box bushes and talks about the intriguing houseplant du jour, the Crocodile Fern. The budcast finishes with an unexpected confession...